Saturday, August 1, 2015


Dear Parents/Guardians:
Salvete! (Hello!) I regard it as a great honor that your student has elected to take Latin. In response I commit to making this semester productive, engaging, – and hopefully enjoyable for us all.

COURSE FOCUS The focus of the course is to connect and position the language, history and culture of Rome in the world of your student so that he/she can practically apply this knowledge in his/her future education and career. In many ways the course is foundational in terms of his/her North Cobb studies. The culture and history can support and augment work in Social Studies and Literature. Latin vocabulary and grammar can facilitate studies in French, Spanish, and Portuguese, as well as provide greater mastery of English. The benefits are significant. I can assure you that Latin is far from “dead”.

CLASSROOM SUPPLIES On a practical note, I would also mention that the Latin classroom would benefit greatly from such items as Box of tissues, Hand Sanitizer, etc. These items are not a requirement for your student, but would be greatly appreciated if donated.

PERMISSION FOR MOVIES Movies are a very useful medium to reinforce the knowledge of the student (more often than not pointing out the inaccuracies of the movie to highlight the “facts”!!). However since these were quite violent times, so are the special effects employed by the moviemakers. Therefore, some of the movies under consideration (such as Troy, 300, Gladiator) carry a “R” rating. I would appreciate it if you would indicate your approval or disapproval for your student to view these when you return the signed slip below. I am truly looking forward to spending this semester – and hopefully following ones – with your student. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.


William Browning (Magister Antonius)


Course Description: In this course you will be introduced to the Latin language and the early stages of the Golden Age of Rome. We will consider how the language, history and culture of Rome were impacted by the Ancient Greeks. To make the course relevant to your world of today and tomorrow we will explore the links with the modern languages which have been shaped by Latin (French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and English) and reflect on how the remnants of Roman culture and achievement can be seen in modern society. I look forward to sharing this time with you.

Instructor: William (Tony) Browning Room 724 Telephone: 770.975.6685 x1724 E-mail: William.Browning@
Course Primary Text: Ecce Romani I
Grading Policy:
Reading /Comprehension/Translation                                                                       40%
Roman History/Culture/Mythology Assignments & Projects                                   30%
Ongoing quizzes & tests                                                                                             10%
Final Exam/SLO                                                                                                         20%

Behavior Expectations:
School policies on student behavior are well documented in the student handbook.  General classroom policies are outlined as followed:
• Students will arrive on time for class. 
• Students will interact in a respectful way with others in the classroom.
• Students will participate and work appropriately as instructed.
Tutoring/Quiz & Test Make ups: Contact Mr. Browning to set up times. Text: 770.402.5285

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